Museums of Ioannina

Σπήλαιο Περάματος, Ιωάννινα


Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum of Ioannina is in Litharitsia Park, in the centre of the city. Finds from varius ancient sites of Epirus such as Dodoni, Vitsa, Necromanteion of Acheron etc. are displayed in its rooms. Its exhibits also include stone and bone tools of the Paleolithic era as well as tombstones, pieces of architecture, inscriptions and coins. In one hall, works by Greek artists of the 19th and 20th century are being housed temporarily.

25th Martiou Square. Tel:26510-33357, 31908, 25490, Fax: 26510-71835

Byzantine Museum

The Byzantine Museum is in the Castle in the largest internal citadel which is known as the Its Kaly. It is housed on the ground floor of the former royal chamber which was built on Ali Pasha’ s palace. Its collection includes finds (sacrificial objects, sculptures, icons, pottery, coins etc.) from various areas of Epirus which date from the Paleochristian era up until the 19th century. Also in the castle grounds, is the silverwork exhibition with ecclesiastical and decorative objects which is housed in the socalled treasury.

Ioannina Castle, Tel: 2651025989, 2651039580, Fax: 26510-39342

Wax Museum by Pavlos Vrellis

In the 14th km of national road of Ioannina-Athens, near Bizani, is found of the museum of wax effigies of sculptor Pavlos Vrellis. The wax effigies of the museum, in natural size and included in a real- like representation of the environment of their age, revive forms of the newer history. There are three thematic units in the Museum: the Prorevolutionary period (the Concealed School, the foundation of the Friendly Company, the martyrdom of Dionisiou Skilosofou etc.), events of 1821 (the Thieves, the death of Ali Pasha e.t.c.) and themes from the World War II (the women of Pindos e.t.c.).

Tel. 26510-92128 open for the public every day from 10:00p.m.-16:00m.m.

Σπήλαιο Περάματος, Ιωάννινα Σπήλαιο Περάματος, Ιωάννινα