Zagori Villages

Σπήλαιο Περάματος, Ιωάννινα

Zagorochoria is a network of 46 beautiful villages, where one can find what one is looking for. Villages with life or tranquility, villages with incredible views or villages in the forest. Forests but also dry peaks, crystal clear rivers such as Voidomatis but also alpine lakes, such as the dragon lakes.

Epirus' Stone Jewel

The name “Zagori” is Slavic and means “beyond the mountains”. During Ottoman rule, the area reached its economic and intellectual peak. However, Zagori declined after Ali Pasha’s death (1822) when it lost the benefits it enjoyed. The wars of the 20th century also had devastating effects. Zagori is divided into Western, Central and Eastern Zagori.

Vikos. This traditional Zagori village is built on the edge of the Vikos gorge (altitude 770 m) where the national part of Vikos-Aoos begins. After 30 minutes of hiking along the trail, you arrive at the springs of the Voidomatis river, an ideal place for excursions and mountain sports. It is located 53 km NW of Ioannina.

The activities that you can do a lot. Some of them are hiking, horseback riding, climbing, mountaineering, rafting, canoeing / kayaking, mountain bike.

People are more than welcoming and friendly.

Traditional food is great! Do not forget to try the famous pies, sweets and meats of the area is wonderful. Accompany your meal with a nice red wine region, and spend your evenings drinking local tsipouro.

Σπήλαιο Περάματος, Ιωάννινα Σπήλαιο Περάματος, Ιωάννινα